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Most Recent Uploads

14th November
- (lesson) Animals - Maroon 5
24th October

- (lesson) Budapest - George Ezra

10th October
- (cover) Animals - Maroon 5
07th October

- (lesson) Stay With Me - Sam Smith

04th October
- (lesson) Let It Go - James Bay
01st October

- (lesson) Riding to New York - Passenger

24th September

- (lesson) Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison

1st August
- (original) Brotherhood Among Friends
26th July

- (Lesson) How Important is music Theory?

18th July

- (cover) Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison

12th July
- (Lesson) 9 Crimes - Damien Rice
12th June
- (cover) 9 Crimes - Damien Rice
29th May

- (lesson) Winter Song - The Head and the Heart

28th May

- (vlog) My New Guitar is Ready

26th May

- (hangout) Hangout on air #1

25th May

- (Hangout Highlight) Stop comparing yourself to others

24th May

- (guitar maintenance) Replace your saddle

23rd May

- (Hangout Highlight) Overcome your frustrations

22nd May

 (lesson) Cherry Wine - Hozier (pt2)

21st May

(lesson) Cherry Wine - Hozier (pt1)
20th May
(lesson) Hey There Delilah - Plain White T's
19th May

(lesson) First Day of MY Life - Bright Eyes

18th May

(vlog) What happens after 'one a day for May'?)

17th May

(competition) Win Guitar Lessons with Me

16th May
(lesson) Hot To Read Guitar Tabs Part 1 & 2
15th May
- (lesson) A Sky full of Stars - Coldplay
14th May

- (lesson) What guitar strings should i buy?

13th May

- (lesson) Flaws - Bastille

12th May

- (lesson) I Would Die For You - Matt Walters

11th May

- (lesson) Golden Leaves - Passenger

9th May

- (lesson) All of Me - John Legend
- (TABS play) All of Me - John Legend

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- Aug 2014

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